Crecer+ brings investment closer to entrepreneurial businesses


Individuals, business angels, family offices, businesses and investment societies willing to provide capital, experience and contacts.


Investable projects, with which you can also share your knowledge so that they grow.
All in an environment of trust.

943 297 327 / e-mail / membership
Nagore Ardanza


With capacity to start up and run an innovative business, with potential, in any field, sector, or market niche. Tell us about your business or project.


Crecer+ brings you closer to the investor with support so that you can communicate in his/her language and helping with the preparation of the project’s presentation. Furthermore, can offer support until the closure of the operation.

943 297 327 / e-mail / membership
Nagore Ardanza

Crecer+ has connected since 2011, business angels of the Basque Country and surroundings, with entrepreneurial initiatives of high growth potential. With the following results:

1 out of 5 projects presented have received funding
processes of investment readiness a year
A network of more than 60 investors in the Basque Country
0mill. €
6 million euros invested in projects supported by the program

New Alliances

Currently at Crecer+

Successful cases

ECOBAM road safety security equipment

March 8th, 2016|Comments Off on ECOBAM road safety security equipment

Catalan firm that designs, manufactures and commercialises road safety security equipment and speed reducers. Ecobam works with long lasting cast iron being an alternative to rubber reducers and offering a 10 year guarantee. […]


XXII CRECER+ Investment Forum

February 9th, 2018|Comments Off on XXII CRECER+ Investment Forum

The Crecer+ investors’ network, of Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness , of Deusto University , together with CEBEK, invite you to the 12th Crecer+ Investment Forum, which will take place in the Cebek premises (Gran Vía 50, 5th floor, Bilbao) [...]


Orkestra and Cebek’s Crecer+ network committed to entrepreneurship

March 14th, 2018|Comments Off on Orkestra and Cebek’s Crecer+ network committed to entrepreneurship

Cebek (Bizkaia Business Corporation) has collaborated with Orkestra in the staging of the XXIIth forum of the Crecer+platform, which took place yesterday in Bilbao. Over 60 investors participated in this year’s forum, which saw the [...]

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